Fresh Duck - Farm To Table

We harvest your ducks in the morning....chill....

and ship fresh to your kitchen in the afternoon.


Our Pekin Ducks are certified as All-Natural by the USDA with no growth hormones or genetic tampering that alters the breed.  We harvest 5 days a week and hand-cut whole duck, duck breasts, duck legs, duck livers, duck hearts, duck tongues, duck feet, and more.  Our duck fat is rendered and considered the purest in the industry with a Water Activity Level below 0.85.  We also process gourmet products including our Duck Ravioli, Gluten Free Duck Ravioli, 3 flavors of 100% Duck Bratwurst, and Duck Legs Confit.  Explore our Duck Recipes in the Paradise Cookbook and treat yourself to the finest Pekin Duck in America.


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